st a municipality in the district of Kusel, in Rhineland-Palatinate. It belongs to the municipality Schoenberg Kübelberg an.Der place is situated in Ohmbachtal in the Western Palatinate. To the north is Ohmbach, northeast Steinbach am Glan and Börsborn, in the south Schoenberg Kübelberg and west is Dittweiler. The local church has about 2150 inhabitants.

Bridges (Brigge)
As the place name bridges dialect "Brigge," makes clear, the village has arisen at a bridge that led across the Ohmbach in today's local situation. Framed by the Western Palatinate hills, located in the scenic Ohmbachtal, the local municipal bridges has developed in recent years to an attractive and well-maintained residential community without losing its rural character.

The first Palatinate diamond factory in 1888 set up on the Neumühlestrasse between bridges and Ohmbach of Isidor Trifus. At that time it was not obvious to the economic importance would occupy this industry for Westpfalz once.

Diamond grinder Museum
The diamond cutter bridges museum shows them a closed representation of history, work processes, and the economic impact of the diamond industry since the late 19th century to modern times.

In bridges, there are more than 40 clubs and groups in which you can be athletic, cultural, political, or simply socially active. The beginnings of local associational life date back well into the 19th century, although most of today's associations were founded after the Second World War.

The place is connected by the federal highway 423 (Mandelbachtal-Altenglan) to the inter-regional traffic. To the south is the A 6, A 62 In the northeast Glan-Münchweiler is a railway station of Glantalbahn

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