Left you see the bakery David Becker with the ice cream parlor San Marco, above the hair salon hair sharp, right Kreissparkasse Kusel. Not to see is the

Diamantschleifer-Museum ...

66904 Bridges - Palatinate is a local - town in the district of Kusel, in Rhineland - Palatinate. It belongs to the municipality Schoenberg - Kübelberg.

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Brücken - Info

Bridges was the economic center of the Palatine diamond cutter craft before the Second World War. The diamond cutter Museum in bridges are original work from different times and regrinds of the 35 largest and most important diamonds in the world. Became famous bridges beyond its borders by Isidor Triefus. 1888, Isidor Triefus the diamond cutter Commercial by he set up the first diamond cutting on the Palatine Neumühlestrasse between Ohmbach and bridges